Our purpose is to offer thanks and praise to our God the grace (unmerited favor) we receive thru faith in Jesus Christ.

It is not a question of whether or not we worship anything, but what we worship. In Scripture, worship is not limited to public worship. But public worship is an important part of a healthy Christian life. God’s people participate in worship in a number of ways including singing, praying, giving, confessing their sins and their faith. They also listen as God declares His character and Christ’s work for us through the Word and Sacraments. We believe that biblical worship exalts (lifts up) God, edifies (builds up) Christians, and evangelizes non-Christians.

Our form of worship is rooted in historic Presbyterian worship, but not stuck there. We use a variety of instruments and utilize historic hymns, updated hymns from Reformed University Fellowship, and biblically sound modern songs.

We worship as people who have received grace, and who still need grace. All grace is promised in the gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ who made us, saves us and keeps us. Our worship focuses on His greatness, our need, and His sufficient provision.

We believe that the Lord’s Table is an important part of regular worship. We are reminded of Christ’s death and resurrection for us, express our present need for grace, and anticipate His return. We celebrate it weekly, using both wine (in accordance with the Scriptures and our Confession of Faith) and grape juice in addition to the bread.


We do not currently have a nursery available due in part to the effects of COVID.