Pastor Steve Cavallaro

Steve is a native of New England and remains an avid Boston sports’ fan. He became a Christian while a sophomore at Boston University. He received his MDiv and a Masters in Counseling from RTS Orlando. After graduation he worked at the Orlando Rescue Mission and then Ligonier Ministries. Then… Read More »

Elder Marty Beal

Marty Beal was born and raised in Iowa. He grew up with Christian parents and attended Baptist churches and the Church of the Brethren. While in high school he was blessed to have his grandfather as Sunday school teacher.

At the University of Iowa he met his wife Judy, who… Read More »

Elder Mike Pixley

Mike was born in Kansas and grew up in the mid-west (Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan). He was raised in a Christian home and, while his family attended a variety a churches growing up, he was always raised with Reformed theology and Presbyterian doctrines.

His university education includes a B.S.… Read More »

Elder Dick Riggleman (emeritus)

Dick was born in Buckhannon, West Virginia on October 2, 1933. As a child Dick and his sister walked two miles to a country Baptist church. At the age of sixteen Dick was baptized, and joined this church. He joined the Air Force in 1952. After basic training was conducted… Read More »

Deacon Steve Bowyer

Steve was born in the late 1950s and was raised in a small town near Toronto, Canada. He studied engineering and moved to the USA in the late 80’s with his wife Karen.

Steve was led to Christ through the ministry of a Maryland PCA church to his family. Steve… Read More »

Deacon Randy Simmons

Randy Simmons was born in 1961 in Sacramento, CA. Randy was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. His father, an Air Force veteran, currently continues his three decade-plus work as a deacon at Trinity OPC. Before coming to Tucson, Randy lived in seven other towns in California and… Read More »

Deacon Alex Mathew

Alex was born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. He went to school at the University of Texas at Dallas where he earned his bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. He move to Tucson in 2005 for a job. He began attending Desert Springs in 2010. He got married to… Read More »

Deacon Matt Fitzsimmons

Matt was born in Iowa and moved around the Midwest a lot until heading out to the East coast in junior high. He was raised a Baptist and accepted Christ at an early age. He went to Northland Baptist Bible College as a Bible major where he met his wife… Read More »