Our mission is to see others come to faith in Jesus Christ, in Tucson and beyond.


We support the efforts of the PCA and our Presbytery to plant new churches. Church planting is an effective way to reach people for Christ and see them mature in the faith. We have supported church plants in AZ, NM, TX, and NJ. We long to see Tucson, Arizona and the Southwest filled with churches committed to the gospel including multi-ethnic churches.

Local Ministries & Missionaries

Depending on needs, we help a variety of local ministries like Answers for Life and Corazon Ministries. We support one of the staff members at Corazon Ministries. At times we also go on short-term mission trips to places like the Gulf Coast (to help areas damaged by Katrina) and San Luis Rio.

Foreign Ministries & Missionaries

We currently support missionaries in Belize and Africa.

Reformed University Fellowship

We support the work of RUF at the University of Arizona.