Due to health concerns we will be cancelling Sunday School and live streaming worship services until further notice.

Click here to stream the video via YouTube. The service will start at 10:30am as usual.

Here are downloadable resources for the March 29 service:

Order of Worship

Sermon Notes

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Audio-only streaming will be available at the bottom of our homepage.


  • Lesson 1: Intro and The Eternal Covenant of RedemptionMP3
  • Lesson 2: Covenant Made, Covenant Broken—Part 1MP3
  • Lesson 2: Covenant Made, Covenant Broken—Part 2MP3
  • Lesson 3: Romans 1 and the Worldview of Fallen ManMP3
  • Lesson 4: Moses vs. BabylonMP3
  • Lesson 5: Moses vs. EgyptMP3
  • Lesson 6: The Global Flood in History and MythMP3
  • Lesson 7: The Global Flood in Covenantal HistoryMP3
  • Lesson 8: City of Man, City of GodMP3
  • Lesson 9: Abram's Historical ContextMP3
  • Lesson 10: Two Seeds, Two Kings—Nimrod and MelchizedekMP3
  • Lesson 11: A Calling and a Name: Abraham and SarahMP3
  • Lesson 12: Walking in Faith: Abraham and IsaacMP3
  • Lesson 13: Walking in Faith: The Servant, Isaac, and RebeccaMP3
  • Lesson 14: Visible and Invisible Covenant: Jacob and EsauMP3
  • Lesson 15: JosephMP3
  • Lesson 16: God Leads Israel to EgyptMP3
  • Lesson 17: A New King Arose Over EgyptMP3
  • Lesson 18: War of the Worldviews Part 1MP3
  • Lesson 19: War of the Worldviews Part 2MP3
  • Lesson 20: Children of the Covenant: Delivered from BondageMP3
  • Lesson 21: Deuteronomy: Blueprint of the CovenantMP3
  • Lesson 22: Promised Land, Promised RestMP3
  • Lesson 23: The Bride of ChristMP3
  • Lesson 24: Israel in the World: A Light to the WorldMP3
  • Lesson 25: Israel in the World: Light or JudgmentMP3
  • Lesson 26: Judgment and Hope: The Sunken Scroll and the Buried DeedMP3
  • Lesson 27: The Great Reformation of IsraelMP3
  • Lesson 28: Visions of the CovenantMP3
  • Lesson 29: Jonahs of The New Israel: The Conversion of the VikingsMP3
  • Lesson 30: Adopted Into IsraelMP3
  • Lesson 31: A Covenantal WorldviewMP3