Randy Simmons

Randy Simmons was born in 1961 in Sacramento, CA. Randy was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. His father, an Air Force veteran, currently continues his three decade-plus work as a deacon at Trinity OPC. Before coming to Tucson, Randy lived in seven other towns in California and Pennsylvania.

As a youth, Randy earned his “God and Country” honor in the Boy Scouts program. He played in the Boardwalk Chapel Band in an OPC evangelical outreach ministry in the summer of 1979. The following summer he served in “A Christian Ministry in the National Park” in Yellowstone.

Randy was ordained as deacon in 2002. Randy and his wife Sally have five children: Brittany, Daniel, Katie, David and Ethan (special needs). Sally home schools the children and assists with events at church. Randy has been a co-leader of Pioneer Club for Children, assists with VBS stage props, grills at the church picnics, and plays guitar during the worship service.

Randy is an Aerospace Lab Technician at Honeywell. Because of excelling scores he’s received on tests designed to gauge personal ethical integrity, he also performs special duties.