From Empty to Full: Living in the Plenty of Christ

Ladies’ Conference 2018: Sept 14–15

Rondi Lauterbach

God designed our bodies and our souls to hunger—our hunger is good! It shows we are meant to depend on something or someone outside ourselves for satisfaction. Come hear Rondi Lauterbach answer the following questions:

  • How do we find true satisfaction for our hungry souls?
  • How do we consume the Word of God instead of just read it?

Conference Information

Location: Desert Springs Presbyterian Church, 1555 W Overton Rd
Schedule: Friday, 6pm–8pm; Saturday, 9am–2pm
Included: Buffet style lunch on Saturday
Cost: $30 — Please register below by September 9. Payment can be made at registration the day of the event on Friday, September 14.

Rondi will have books available to purchase for $10.

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