The Glory of God the Creator and Redeemer

January 8, 2017

Stu Sherard

Revelation 4:1–5:14

Introduction: The Book of Revelation is:
1. For the Church, a Revelation of Jesus Christ, and given by God through the Apostle John.
2. A Revelation (apocalypse), a Prophecy, and a Letter.

I. The Glory of God the Creator

  1. There is a throne in Heaven, and it’s not empty.
  2. Everything in John’s vision (gemstones, 24 elders, 7 spirits, sea of glass, 4 living creatures) is intended to enhance the glory of the throne and the One seated on it.

II. The Glory of God the Redeemer
1. The scene opens with a crisis.
2. John turns to see the Lion, but instead sees a slain Lamb.
3. History is under God’s control and the Father has appointed his Son to bring it to its proper conclusion.

1. The Book of Revelation is a “call to faith.” Living by faith is the great difficulty in being a Christian.
2. The Christian Philosophy of History.